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The world we live in…Man has it changed. ADDENDUM!

People should be ashamed of themselves.

38 Pitches

I thank God every day that Facebook and Twitter, instagram, vine, Youtube, all of it, did not exist when I went to High School. I can’t imagine the dumb stuff I’d have been caught saying and doing.

If you are a dad this is something you well know already, if you are a dad with a daughter this is likely to get your blood going. If you are a boy, or young man, or husband, and you haven’t experienced children yet, or haven’t had a daughter, it’s next to impossible for you to understand.

My daughter, my one and only daughter, has worked her ass off playing sports the past 9-10 years. She’s loved it, and I’ve loved being able to both watch, and coach along the way.

Last week we were told she’d been accepted to college and will begin playing softball there next year.

Clearly an incredibly proud day.

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New social network! :)

Join me on tsū, they are sharing social revenues with all of us #tsunation

It’s actually quite fun and easy to use!  All the cool kids are signing up. 😉

*Amanda 🙂

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gluten free vegan garlic herb breadsticks

Making these ASAP.  As in, now. Wish me luck!  🙂

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Rising from the ashes

Here I am with a shiny new blog. I’m hoping to become more active on here now that I’m able to actually compose a blog and post it from my phone. (What has the world come to???) I’m still in the testing phase as I try out my new relationship with WordPress, so this one will be short and sweet.

I’ll leave you with a joke–my favorite joke of all time.

How do you say goodbye to a sandcastle?

With a WAVE!

Ha, ha, ha–get it???

See why it’s my favorite joke?


Okay, signing off now. Because clearly I need sleep. 😉

Love and hugs and magical wishes to all,

~Amanda 🙂

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Testing new blog…

This is a test of the Amanda Torrey Blogging system, this is only a test.

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