Amanda Torrey loves giving a voice to the characters who beg for their stories to be told. No matter which genre she’s writing in, she specializes in providing the reader with characters they can relate to. Amanda has written and published young adult paranormal, adult paranormal romance, and a small-town contemporary romance series set in a fictional small town in NH.

The first book in her YA series, Teen Fury: Unleashed, is FREE! The second and third books, Teen Fury: Embraced and Teen Fury: Atoned, are available individually or as a three-book boxed set.

Amanda enjoys writing her contemporary romance Healing Springs series, where everyone works hard to earn their happily-ever-after. She is currently working on the fourth book in that series, with an expected release date of November, 2014.

Her adult paranormal (shapeshifter) romance, The Immortal Contract, is also available.

When not writing, Amanda enjoys annoying her kids, elephants, reading, playing in nature, obsessively checking Facebook, road trips, visiting Disney World (as often as possible), playing with her puppies, going to the movies, and catching up on old TV shows. She loves meeting new people, and especially loves to hear from readers!

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